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JOIN My “SPECTRAL” Performance Community

This is a VIRTUAL GROUP, so you can live ANYWHERE in the world and still participate!
Thank you for your interest!  Spectral is an amazing virtual community that lend their vocals, dancing and video clips to Alexian’s recordings and videos now and in the future.  Spectral is divided into two main groups, the CHOIR and the DANCERS.
This is a voluntary group, and although you will not receive compensation, you will be credited for your contributions.  You will also receive a free MP3 copy of any music recording you performed on when it is released.
Different talents will be utilized for different projects depending on the need in that moment, but I will try and fit as many people into projects as technically possible!

Vocals:  You will receive MP3 files from me to sing along with, as well as sheet music with the lyrics.  You’ll play those back on one device into headphones or “ear buds” in your ears, while you sing along with it, you’ll record yourself on another device into an MP3 file.  Then you email it to me.  That’s it.  That simple.  
Dancers:  You will receive an MP3 song file to dance along with and may also receive links to private YouTube videos to learn easy choreography.  You’ll set up your video recording device on a tripod and step in front of the camera… hit audio playback of the track and start strutting your stuff.  You’ll share the resulting HD video back to me via Google Drive.

Please fill out the below form to join the community and monitor your email CLOSELY especially over the next few days/weeks.
More and more information and materials will be disclosed and distributed as you work your way through the onboarding process.
Filling out the form below will also add you to my Alexian email list, and you will receive free inspirational videos from me once a week for one year!  You will also be informed of all my new music and video releases.
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*** One last note:  If you are already on my email list, please use the same email address when signing up below.