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The Wise Ones Lyrics

Apr 12, 2019

The Wise Ones
© Copyright 1992 Alexian & Earth Tones Studios

we are the wise, we are the wise ones

we are the wise ones, come circle ’round a tree.
we have the power, for changing destiny.
we are the wise ones, spreading love around.
and where there’s love, miracles seem to abound.
and you’ll find us in castle, glade and grove.
in cities of new and of old.

an old woman, collects weeds in the park.
her granddaughter, stands and clutches them to her heart.
two lovers stand and hug a tree.
they have a way, of knowin’ what’s to be.
real magick is all throughout you.
so just open your heart and let it shine on through.


under the moonlight, upon an evening moor,
we call the old ones, to worship and adore.
within the confines, of an apartment cell,
we chant the rune, that empowers the spell.
to bring the world oneness of sight,
and fill it up with joy, love, and light.

we’re working together to make this world a better place!
for all of her children, and yes, the whole human race!




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