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The Song She Sings Lyrics

Jul 04, 2020

The Song She Sings
© Copyright 1997 Alexian, Abby Katz, & Earth Tones Studios

when you are far from home, and you think you’re all alone,
she’ll whisper in your ear, and tell you she’s always near.
sounds of the morning light, sounds of the full moon bright,
this is the song she sings.
sounds of a busy bee, sounds of the roaring sea.
this is the song she sings, to you.

when you are full of fear, watch and lend an ear.
as the seasons spin and turn, if you listen, you will learn.
sounds of a gentle breeze, sounds of the budding trees,
this is the song she sings.
sounds of the birds on wing, sounds of the flowing stream.
this is the song she sings, to you.

where ever you may roam, cast the circle this is home,
just call, invite her in, let the magic of love begin!
fire that dances free. rain that romances me.
air that you need to breathe. earth for stability.
assemble at a secret place, looking up into her face.
love is the song she sings, to you!



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