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Crone Chant Lyrics

Mar 29, 2019

Crone Chant
© Copyright 1992 Alexian, Adrian, & Earth Tones Studios

dark goddess, death goddess,
crone goddess, bitch goddess,
snake goddess, horse goddess,
earth goddess, moon goddess.

death-bringer, sleep-giver,
wise-woman, aged crone,
old-woman, dream-weaver,
dark mother we’ve all known.

wish-giver, wisdom-bringer,
night-woman, dark queen,
grandmother, rain-bringer,
mother all men fear to see.

hecate, queen of the night!
come to us! fill us with thy might!
bring to us thy dark and mighty bower,
as we raise thy cone of power.

hecate, hecate, ama

(the traditional witches’ rune)
eko, eko azarek,
eko, eko zomelak,
eko, eko cernunnos,
eko, eko aradia.
darksome night and shining moon,
east, then south, then west, and north,
harken to the witches rune,
here I come to call thee forth.

earth and water, air and fire,
wand and pentacle and sword,
work ye unto my desire,
harken ye unto my word.

queen of heaven, queen of hell,
horned hunter of the night,
lend your power unto the spell,
work my will by magick rite.

by all the power of land and sea,
by all the might of moon and sun,
as I do will, so mote it be,
chant the spell and it be done!



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