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Pagan Music Concert Series Sponsorship Opportunities!

Apr 20, 2023

Attention all Pagan and Metaphysical stores and services!

Are you looking for a unique and meaningful way to promote your business while supporting the Pagan community? Look no further! The Pagan Music Concert Series (PMCS) is calling on you to sponsor our concerts featuring ALL Pagan musicians. By investing in PMCS, you'll be putting your money towards promoting Pagan artists and reaching a whole new demographic of Pagan people. Plus, with our email list, you'll receive  updates on sponsorship opportunities without any obligations. Why waste money on Google Ads and Facebook Ads when you can invest in the talented musicians of our own community? Follow this link for more information and to join our opportunity list to be notified of sponsor opportunities: Let's come together and support Pagan music and our Pagan musician community!"

Unlock the Benefits of Sponsorship

Meaningful Promotion for Your Business

Sponsor a Pagan Music Concert and unlock the benefits of sponsorship for your business. Our Pagan Music Concert Series is the perfect opportunity to promote your business, as we’ll be advertising and selling tickets, using your logo and link in promotional materials, as well as promoting your business during the concert! Plus, your business will be featured on our Sponsor Showcase page after the concert for continued traffic.

Reach a Wider Audience

Our Pagan Music Concert Series is the perfect opportunity to reach a wider audience, as I’ll be hosting concerts online and marketing them to the world. By sponsoring concerts, you’ll be reaching thousands of like-minded people, showcasing your business to a wider audience. This concert series is a great way to broaden your reach to the Pagan community.

Connect with Like-Minded Musicians & Businesses

Sponsoring a Pagan Music Concert is also the perfect opportunity to connect with Pagan musicians. You’ll get to network with them and other sponsors, creating new future projects together and increasing business to business relationships.


BEFORE the Concert: Included in Promotions

We’ll be advertising and selling concert tickets, using your logo and link in all promotional materials


DURING the Concert: Featured in the concert

During the concert, your logo and link be displayed next to the playback, and we'll also play a video commercial about your business during the concert


AFTER the Concert: Sponsor Showcase

After the concert, your business name and link will be added to our "Sponsor Showcase" as a past sponsor to keep the web traffic coming


Just follow this link for more information and to join our opportunity list to be notified of sponsor opportunities:



Please support Pagan music by purchasing the music and the merch.  Without supporting fans like you, we cannot continue to create the music you love!  I thank you in advance!   

Blessed Be!


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