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Born of Crime Lyrics

Aug 08, 2023

Born of Crime by Alexian

© Copyright 2023 Alexian & Earth Tones Studios



legs, spread wide. 

first pain, then shock.

she begged, and begged, 

for him, to please stop.

through muffled cries, rehooked his belt

don’t tell anyone, or else



born of crime, born of crime.

look away.  pay no mind.

take her rights. don't touch mine!
roe vs wade, human rights denied.

faith is law. now pay the fine.

‘nother vote, another dime…

born of crime


she stumbled in, 

scared and alone.

her head, held down, 

tryin’, to lie low. 

already knew, what doc spied.

suicide, pierced her mind.




a song of strength, a song of hope,

our song of unity, a song to cope,

a song that drowns their oppressive noise

to have a voice, to have a choice.



her life, was taken 

away, that day 

she was forced, to bear 

the white man's babe

laid on her deathbed, coddled and held,

her mother choked out, (spoken:) she's only 12!





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